Iphone Jailbreaking

JAILBREAK your iphone with easiest method.

Basically there are 2 methods of jailbreaking..

           1.tethered jailbreak
           2. untethered jailbreak

i would prefer a untethered jailbreak to get a full access of your iDevice..

Here comes the jailbreak for the best iOS ever ....

                     iOS 6

so, just  steps to follow and you can jailbreak your IPHONE 5 with iOS 6 & any other device with iOS 6 using EVASI0N's jailbreak....

Steps to follow for jailbreaking iOS 6 using Evasi0n:

1: Download Evasi0n:
2: Open the folder & run Evasi0n as administrator........it will show you this screen:

3: Now after connecting your iPhone or iPad or iTouch with your laptop just click on "Jailbreak"......


4: So, you are done with your iOS  6 Jailbreak....

5: Wait untill the phone reboots.

****  Steps to jailbreak your iDevice on IOS 4.X.X.

1. just go to jailbreakme.com on your Iphone..

so lets give a try to REDSN0W,GREENPOISI0N & alot more softwares to jailbreak your device.
we'll first go with redsn0w...!

Steps to follow to jailbreak using redsn0w:

- First of all...you need to download a firmware on which your iphone is running on!
you can check your firmware in settings>general>about

(you only need to download your firmware if you are not using REDSN0W 0.9.15b1)

so download your firmware from iphone firmwares...

1. download redsn0w

2.open the app. it will look like this if it is the latest version that i have.

2. just click on extras>select ipsw>browse ipsw which you have downloaded above...then press <back

 3.now click on jailbreak..so it will show you screen as shown in image below:

 4.As redsn0w shows you need to put your iphone to DFU mode...so as simple as it is
    you can follow the instruction of redsn0w or else you can watch a video

(you can even  restore your iphone with a custom firmware using DFU mode)

5. Now after entering to DFU mode your iphone is showing you a black screen & now click on NEXT>

So,it will continue its processing ....& you are done with your jailbreaking of IOS 4.X.X 

Now it's time to jailbreak your IOS 5.X.X...

Here are some easiest steps to jailbreak your Idevice on ios 5.X.X.

1. Download a software called ABSINTHE 2.0.4 which lets you jailbreak your iphone at just a single click..
    "download ABSINTHE 2.0.4"

Absnthe 2.0.4 to jailbreak your Idevice

2. Just click on JAILBREAK button to start jailbreaking to your Idevice....
    at the end it will show you "jailbreak done!"
3. so, you are done with jailbreaking with the easiest way to jailbreak your iphone!!!!